Getting started in automated storage has now been made even easier with an exciting variant. That’s because the new STOPA TOWER ECO Plus allows customers to benefit from high flexibility too: they have the option of expanding it using modules at any time to keep pace with growing needs for storage capacity. To do so, the components for expansion are versatile and intelligently designed, in both hardware and software. For example, a second storage tower, an additional chain conveyor that’s simply bolted on, or a transport cart can be installed step by step.

The STOPA TOWER ECO Plus is designed to meet the needs of companies of any size.

Even the basic version, made up of a storage tower and a lifting beam, is already geared to the future and prepared for the addition of prefabricated mechanical components, for example with holes. Additional sensors can be fastened to the beam using these holes. The sensors check the storage process in the second tower.

The STOPA TOWER ECO Plus scores points with a capacity designed for fast turnover rates, in other words for growth. It almost matches the capacities of large-scale storage systems.

STOPA has integrated the system control panel compactly into the switch cabinet, meaning that the user doesn’t require any addition al hardware. Moreover, STOPA has prepared as a standard feature the integration of warehouse management software that communicates with the user’s ERP system. Customers who only require a simple stock management system will find it in the basic version.


STOPA Tower Eco plusPallet format GFPallet format XF
Size W x L [mm] *3.048 x 1.5244.054 x 2.032
Effective payload per storage location [kg]1.500-3.0003.000
Max. lifting speed [m/min]1616
Max. pulling speed [m/min]1212
Max. No. of pallets (single tower + loading height 50)4939
Max. total height79507950
Loading heights (max. 3 different heights)[mm]50, 60, 90, 130, 20050, 60, 90, 130, 200
Building-support designnono
Full integration, sheet metal processing machinenono

* Special heights are available, upon request


Transport cart for the automatic provisioning of sheet metal

The transport cart is a classic component of outgoing goods. It is delivered with a predefined height, and supply system pallets with raw sheet metal and finished parts to a machine or a workplace. Both low heights for automatically linked sheet metal processing machines, but also ergonomic working heights for manually operated work positions are possible with this transport cart.


  • Fixed heights
  • Different heights possible
  • Model with entry / exit at all openings (on the face and longitudinal sides) available
  • Can be combined as lower cart with upper cart
  • Dead-man or automatic mode
  • Available for all standard sheet metal formats and multi-format storage systems
  • Suitable for system pallets and EPAL Carriers


Storage aid for Tower Eco and Tower Mono

The storage podium aids in the storage of stacks of sheet metal. Its four rollers are spring-cushioned. When not loaded, the steel frame is pressed upwards and can be shifted. When loaded, the steel frame lowers and the steel feet are planted firmly on the floor.


  1. The storage podium is brought into the predefined position (markings and two electronic contacts on the floor help alignment)
  2. The loading traverse positions an empty pallet on the storage podium so that the stamps extend out over the pallet
  3. The stacker lowers the stack onto the stamps
  4. The loading traverse returns to its upper position. At the same time, the stack is placed onto the pallet and can now be stored without damage


  • Can be positioned manually
  • With stamps for storing raw sheet metal
  • Only for Tower Eco or Mono
  • Available for all standard sheet formats


Standard transport medium for raw sheet metal and finished parts

The system pallets for sheet metal storage systems are available in predefined sizes for all standard sheet metal formats and (depending upon actual requirements) for 3 or 5 tons of effective payload. The support rollers mounted on the face side are self-supporting, and guarantee easy handling for the operator. Additionally, the wear and tear of the system pallets in daily use is minimized.

The individual system pallets have different designs to suit different types of storage systems.

In the case of the system pallets for UNIVERSAL, support brackets are used instead of the lateral support rollers used for the STOPA COMPACT system pallets. In the case of the system pallets for TOWER Eco, guide rails are instead used.

STOPA system pallets are compatible with all standard STOPA stations. Optionally, the system pallet can be equipped with pallet stops which facilitate loading of the pallet and also serve to prevent slippage.

In combination with various different floor plates, it is possible to also store small parts and grid boxes or EUR-Pallets on the system pallets.


  • Available for all standard sheet formats
  • Can be expanded with floor plates
  • Effective payload: 3.000 kg or 5.000 kg