50 TON HF2

This 50 ton manual workshop press can be operated by hand and by foot (the pump has a double operation), has a movable cylinder and the height of the work table is easy to adjust by means of a winch.

The hand and foot operated Profi Presses from RHTC have an integrated manometer, a chrome piston (that returns automatically) and are included with a set of V-blocks. These manual workshop presses are delivered according to the CE standards.

  1. 1
    Technical specifications
    • Pressure force [kN]: 490,5
    • Pressure max. [bar]: 399,5
    • Cylinder stroke [mm]: 160
    • System capacity [dm³]: 2,5
    • Movable cylinder: yes
    • Working width [mm]: 750
    • Weight [kg]: 309
  2. 2
    • Inside diameter of cylinder: 140
    • Diameter of piston rod: 50
    • Diameter of piston head: 60
  3. 3
    • Hand- and foot operated
    • Movable cylinder
    • The worktable is easy to adjust with a winch
    • Integrated pressure manometer
    • Chrome piston
    • Automatic piston return
    • V-block set