This four column press has a tonnage of 50 ton and is built with four chrome-plated cylindrical columns to ensure perfect paralellism of the upper table. This type hydraulic press has a table size of 970 x 620 mm, a vertical light of 600 mm a piston stroke of 450 mm, which can be easily regulated.

These four column presses are equipped with a two-speed hydraulic unit with an automatic disconnection of the high speed and can be operated manually or semi-automatically. The presses include a pressure regulator, a manometer in tons and are operated by electric pedals.

All our hydraulic presses comply with CE regulations and work with a hydraulic pressure lower than 320 bar to guarantee a greater durability of the presses. These four column presses are made in Europe and RHTC can guarantee a high quality of these machines. Therefore, these hydraulic presses with four cylindrical columns have a warranty of 2 years.

  1. 1
    Technical specifications
    • Force [tn]: 50
    • Motor power [kW]: 4
    • Working speed [mm/sec]: 10
    • Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 45
    • Return speed [mm/sec]: 60
    • Piston stroke [mm]: 450
    • Guides diameter [mm]: 60
    • Table size [mm]: 970 x 620
    • Between columns [mm]: 750 x 400
    • Vertical light [mm]: 600
    • Working height [mm]: 750
    • Total height [mm]: 2.800
    • Weight [kg]: 5.000
  2. 2
    • Proportional pressure- and flow-control valves (only for CNC)
    • Anti-surge-control valve
    • CNC control with up to 12 axes
    • Removable lower table
    • Hydraulic cushion in different capacities
    • Hydraulic ejector in upper-, lower- or both tables
    • Adaptations for robotics
    • Rack-and-pinion jacks for anti-fall protection
    • Air-oil cooling system
    • Maximum approach speed of 200 mm/sec. with prefilling valves
    • Hydraulic connections for peripheral systems