This 300 ton hydraulic cambering press has a motor power of 7,5 kW, a piston stroke of 450 mm and a vertical light (opening between the tables) of 900 mm. RHTC cambering presses have a strong and heavy frame and are eminently suitable for specialist machining work such as straightening and bending tasks; the hydraulic system is extremely precise.

The above pictures show a HV-300 model including optional side benches with guide rollers, in which RHTC also can provide. Below you will find all technical specifications and the several options for this type of hydraulic cambering press.

Our presses comply with the latest CE standards and work with a hydraulic pressure lower than 320 bar to guarantee a greater durability of the presses.  RHTC guarantees a high quality of these hydraulic cambering presses and therefore these machines have a warranty of 2 years.

  1. 1
    Technical specifications
    • Force [tn]: 300
    • Motor Power [kW]: 7,5
    • Throat depth [mm]: 425
    • Working speed [mm/sec]: 2,1
    • Approaching speed [mm/sec]: 10
    • Return speed [mm/sec]: 16
    • Maximum pressure [bar]: 320
    • Piston stroke [mm]: 450
    • Guides diameter [mm]: 60
    • Opening between tables [mm]: 900
    • Supporting back table dimensions [mm]: 2.500 x 750
    • Pushing main table dimensions [mm]: 750 x 750
    • Two blocks back table [mm]: 150 x 150 x 750
    • One block main table [mm]: 150 x 120 x 750
    • Working height [mm]: 950
    • Total length [mm]: 3.350
    • Total width [mm]: 2.500
    • Total height [mm]: 1.600
    • Weight [kg]: 15.300
  2. 2
    • Larger supporting back tables
    • Motorized, moving supporting blocks
    • Basic supply rails with a length of 2.000 to 12.000 mm including basic height adjustment (as shown at the images)
    • Motorized supply rails with a length of 2.000 to 12.000 mm
    • Hydraulic elevation and inclination of the supply rails
    • Bending equipment (length of 415 mm)
    • Cooling equipment for the hydraulic unit